X-Wave Review- The Smartest, Most Intuitive Video Creator To Create A Stunning Video Using AI.

X-Wave Review- Introduction

These days, online marketers and business owners are all trying to test every SEO ranking tactic to rank higher websites ranking on top search engine like Google.

Buy do you know that videos now rank much better than websites as well as generate traffic that converts tenth times better since people like to watch a video after coming with buying decision?

Nevertheless, it is getting more and more difficult for a video to become viral among tons of videos shown a day and people are getting distracted more than before

Good news for you is that today I want to show you new software called X-Wave which will give you an unfair advantage to seamlessly generate high-quality, attractive videos for any NICHE with its user-friendly design and functionality.

It is a tool that is so in touch with your needs, that it does 95% of the video production work.

Since you have started to be interested, don’t hesitate to take a look at my X-Wave Review to know more details.

X-Wave Review- Overview

Vendor: VideoRemix
Product: X-Wave
Launch Date: 2019-Jun-18
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47
Niche: Video
Skill: All Levels
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW

What Is X-Wave?

what is X-wave

X-Wave is the next generation in video creation, pulling on the power of Artifical Intelligence to easily and intuitively create breathtaking videos. This product is perfect for video-centric niches such as Real Estate, E-Commerce, and Local Business. This AI Video Creation software will turn any page URL into a top converting video with no design skills. The simple interface was created for non-techies and allows you to easily manipulate the video in the editor for customized results.
X-Wave is 100% Cloud-Based. Nothing to Install. Ever! 100% newbie friendly. And X-Wave is the fastest way to create a video using AI.

Why X-Wave?

Because “Nothing Works Better Than Video”

why X-wave 1  


why X-wave 2


why X-wave 3

Here are 3 things about video marketing that no one tells you:

#1: Videos have a reputation for being ‘An Inaccessible Marketing Tactic’, especially for small businesses. Why? Here’s the problem: Video creation is too expensive.  If you are selling a SINGLE product, I’d say… create a single video, slap it on your homepage, and call it a day. But the truth is – NO ONE is selling just 1 product. Each one of us is selling 10s, 100s or even 1,000s of products. Paying that kind of cash for every video you get created is a big enough deterrent for you against considering using Video Marketing for your products.

#2: Free Video Creation Tools. There’s no such thing! The next time you google that term and see 39,000,000 results and get super-excited. Thinking you have unearthed a gold-mine. STOP!! There are no free lunches (and certainly no free videos).

#3: The Highly-Sophisticated Video Creation Tools are NOT for Marketers. They are meant for designers…because they are too technical.

In short, Video is till date the best way to sell a property – or for that matter anything… food, clothing, heck even education (online tutorials and courses). But thankfully now you don’t have to pay an astronomical fee for every video… and neither do you need to wait for weeks. In fact, a new software called X-Wave just hit the markets that makes ‘Drag-n-drop’ look like ‘Really Hard Work’. 

X-Wave Review- Features and Benefits

Artificial Intelligence Powered Video Creation
Nothing creates videos faster and better than Videoremix’s AI. Videos drive far more traffic on Facebook (around 59.3%) compared to images (around 29.6%), [According to databox]. So why not transform your existing images on Facebook and Instagram into stunning videos with X-Wave? Or you can instantly create stunning promotional videos from ANY URL.

Smooth Video Transitions
Want to convey a particular mood, jump between storylines, switch to another point of view, spice up the narrative or move backward or forward in time with your new video? X-Wave adds unique transitions to make your videos look terrific and engaging.

High Rendering Speed
You created a video but if you now have to wait hours to actually use it that defeats the purpose. Nothing is more frustrating for a video marketer than seeing the “rendering” sign going endlessly clockwise. X-Wave team have kept that in mind and made sure that, within less than 1 minute you can render high-resolution videos.

Template Download & Export

Project Folders
With X-Wave you’d be running a full-blown Video Creation & Marketing Agency very soon, whether that was your plan or not – seeing the kind of money your customers would be eager to pay you for a video might change your resolve to just ‘stick to your business’. And handling multiple projects for your clients’ or even for your business can be quite a stress.

X-Wave lets you neatly save your videos inside different project folders. Next time you need a video that you made a couple of weeks back, no need to scroll through an endless list trying to locate it. Just another time-saver.

Professionally Designed Templates
Your X-Wave account is loaded with 20 Premium Templates. 10 of these templates target the Real Estate niche and the other 10 can be used to create videos in whatever niche you may choose. These templates are created by a team of very talented designers and marketers who have complete sense of what’s working and what’s not working in the market today.

Each template if sold on a platform like Fiverr would easily fetch $250. Yes, these are that good.

Social Media Publishing
Your new video that you thought about bringing to life a couple of minutes ago is now ready. What next? Download it and then upload it on different platforms to start getting traffic? Nope. Just upload and rock Social Media with your video from the X-Wave software.

Direct photo upload
Would you like an image or a photo to be included in your video that’s not in the URL you just dropped in the X-Wave Video Creator? No problem. X-wave gives you full control to customize anything that you would like in your videos.

Just upload the image that you want, choose it while going through the images that X-Wave pulled out of the URL you just provided, and see it seamlessly integrated inside your stunning video.

Built-In Music Library
X-Wave comes with a built-in premium music library. Use these tracks as background music to set the right tone and feel to your video. No stress that you might end up getting your video taken down because you used music that was copyrighted (Yeah, that happens) or worst you end up spending another 30-50 bucks for buying the background music files you’d like to use. X-Wave’s library has music to convey any mood you’d like.

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Require no design experience
  • AI Video Creation Assistant
  • 10 Hot  Real Estate Templates
  • 10 Hot General Templates
  • Unlimited Preview Renders
  • 100+ Music tracks
  • 3 Days training event


  • So far, there is none

X-Wave Review- How Does It Work?

X-wave how to 1  

STEP #1:

Drop any URL inside X-Wave and the Videoremix A.I. instantly sets into action mode harvesting all the images from the given URL.



X-wave how to 2

STEP #2:

Select from X-Wave plethora of professionally designed templates, identify which images you want in your video and edit any text to your liking.

X-wave how to 3

STEP #3:

Sit back and watch your VideoRemix AI designed video render in seconds.





  • Turn Any Page URL Into A Top-Converting Video. Produces Amazing HD Videos Ready To Sell. No Monthly Fees. No Pay Per Render. In-Built Copyrighted 10 Music Tracks
  • X-Wave will NOT just make stunning videos for you. It will ALSO make you tons of easy money. Starting today you are going to be able to command that kind of money for videos that X-Wave will crank out for you in minutes.
  • You don’t have to pay us any royalty fee or commission on any video you create and sell on any platform. Starting today, you own X-Wave and all the amazing videos (and loads of money) you are going to make with it.
  • X-Wave is your lifetime solution for ALL your video needs. And you have seen that it can’t get any easier than ‘copy-paste’ a URL. They made video creation fully-automated with X-Wave.
  • It’s also fully-automated so that they can provide their customer’s top-notch service faster than anything they have ever experienced.
  • If you act now, you can lock in your chance to create incredible videos for all your marketing.
  • Every time they want to create a video, you’ll be all ready cranking out high-quality videos and driving hot-traffic to your offers ready to be converted even before the video plays out it’s full-length. And the best part! Your super-low one-time fee is fully secured by their 30 days No Questions Asked Guarantee.


X-Wave Review- Who Should Use It?

The way I see it, X-Wave is definitely going to be a great choice for:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Product vendors
  • eCommerce marketers
  • Social media marketers
  • Website owners
  • eCommerce site owners

X-Wave Review- Price and Evaluation

FE: X-Wave – $47 (non-commercial $41)
• AI Video Creation Assistant – Wizard
• 3 Day Training Event
• Upload Photos and Text
• 100+ Music Tracks (plus music upload)

OTO1: Business Upgrade – $37/m, $97/year

• 3 Monthly Real Estate Templates
• Monthly Additional Music Tracks
• UNLIMITED High Res renders
• Vertical and Square Video

OTO2: Integrations $197 – one time

• Integrations: Google Business listings, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook

OTO3: Guerilla Sales System – $297 one time

• Lists of Groups and “one-click-join”
• Intro Video For the Groups
• 4-week Posting Schedule with Messages and Videos
• Real Estate Agents Contact Lists
• Linked-In Group
• Marketing Assets

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X-Wave Bonus




  • How many videos can I render in a month? When you get access today, you can render up to 20 HD videos per month with your X-Wave Account. However, if you are a power user, you’ll need to upgrade your account to X-Wave Agency. That allows you to render 480 HD videos more, taking the number of total videos to a whopping 500.
  • Can’t I straightaway get access to X-Wave Agency? No. You need to first get access to the X-Wave Front End. Once you do that, you will be then taken to the X-Wave Agency access page. Check out ALL the extra features and benefits and upgrade to get instant access.
  • Last Video creation tool I bought forced me to hire a designer to put that tool to use because it was so damn complicated. Will that happens again?  Absolutely not. If you can just point-n-click, copy-n-paste… you’re good to go.
  • Will you definitely refund my money if I ask within 30 days after my purchase? VideoRemix is a renowned brand. They have multiple products and thousands of happy customers. They love their customers too much to let a few dollars come in the way of keeping them happy. If you don’t like X-Wave and want a refund you will get it without any hassle, they have automated that process completely. That’s also the reason that the refund will not be processed under any circumstances after 30 days have elapsed.

User experience

In my X-Wave Review today, I want to say that X-Wave is a powerful system. I am really impressed with the ease of use of X-Wave since it gives you beautiful, vivid videos in minutes for your next project.

I consider that by using X-Wave, people can save a ton of time creating videos for their own YouTube channels as well as provide video creation as a service for any business in any niche and so much more.

X-Wave Review- Conclusion

To sum up, I hope that everything in my X-Wave Review can help you to make the right buying decision. I am looking forward to your success. Thank you for reading my review patiently. See you in my next review!

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